Absolutely the Best Craft Site for #PreK

Last week while putting together a training for the new school year my fellow Child Development Specialists and I found a wonderful site for planning small groups for Pre-K classrooms. The website, No Time for Flash Cards, written by a preschool teacher turned stay at home mom provides page after page of engaging activities for young minds. Although it might be hard to structure some of her activities successfully with a large classroom of children, if take on as a station in a center time, most would be the star of the day.
It is really wonderful to see how her little boy has grown as he has moved through the most basic of early literacy activities to early writing and reading. She has documented the process and content of his learning from the age of about 1 year old through about 6 so so far. This website makes me want to teach and would be a great way to expose people unfamiliar with appropriate early childhood experiences with the content of a rich early learning experience.

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