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Creativity: Four Apples = ?

Sometimes I think of the teaching I do as training creative Jedi. Just think of me as Yoda for the pre-k set. From 3- 5 years old children experience a burst of creativity. Children are able to move from their … Continue reading

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Hart & Risley Turned Inside-Out

In Clayton Christensen’s book, “Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Transform Education.” I have finally come to the dreaded chapter on early childhood. In chapter six Christensen says flat out that America shouldn’t invest in voluntary preschool because it won’t … Continue reading

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Olympian Michael Phelps and Preschool – (an ADD Story)

When does a deficit become a strength? When does who a child is become more important than society’s norms? When and how do we decide if a child, especially a pre-k student, needs a medical intervention for behavior? When does … Continue reading

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its OK if I talk to myself

Yes, a researcher has given me, well at least my preschool students, permission to talk to ourselves. This is great because I already talked to myself and of course my students already thought I was crazy. Now I can use … Continue reading

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Save Humpty Dumpty!

I am always super excited when coincidence and effective practice converge in my classroom. I found out about the Super Why podcast yesterday and then read Karissa’s post on the Pre-K Now blog. If you are a Pre-K teacher and/or … Continue reading

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Circle Time

It occurred to me after looking at my google analytics that most of my website hits were from people looking for information about how to “do” circle time in a preschool. So, I decided to give the people what they … Continue reading

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