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TieJohn Holland, Ph.D., NBCT, is a Head Start teacher and frequent guest lecturer with the Mount Holyoke Masters of Arts in Teacher Leadership program. He has dedicated has career to serving his community’s neediest and youngest school children as a preschool teacher of 3- and 4-year-olds from Richmond, Virginia’s toughest neighborhoods. John represents the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards as a #TeachStrong Ambassador and he is a thought leader of the Center for Teaching Quality where he has helped to craft a hopeful vision for the future of education. We believe strongly in cultivating teachers’ active leadership, not merely their voice or engagement. Teacher leadership does not come at the expense of administrators and policy leaders. But it ensures that those who teach students and work most closely with them and their parents can craft innovative solutions to complex problems of teaching and learning, now and in the future. Through our thought leadership, CTQ also works to articulate the promise of systemic change to help all stakeholders embrace the necessity of reforms that are comprehensive and wide-reaching (beyond the confines of an individual school or school district).

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