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Educare in Chicago: Why Aren’t We Doing the Obvious?

Educare is open 11 hours a day, 5 days a week, all year. It is a shining example of the difference high quality pre-k can make in the development of children. The segment below, by education correspondent John Merrow, describes … Continue reading

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Rep. Miller: “It’s Not Tough To Kick A Child Out of Head Start”

The House Republicans must not have gotten the memo. After 40 years of research, including numerous recent studies that show investment in pre-k to be a sound budgetary decision Continue reading

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What Tax Season Means in Head Start

Head Start has always been a comprehensive preschool program that provided Head Start children health, nutrition, mental health, dental, education, and family services. As Head Start has been transformed by each new authorization of the Head Start Act, its focus … Continue reading

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The Millionth Child

Sometimes the enormity of the positive effects of pre-k just boggles the mind. Public pre-k is one of the few government programs that actually brings a return on investment − and the volume of that return, when you consider that some … Continue reading

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Obama’s Top Ten Pre-K Promises

As the students in my classroom watched the inauguration, my assistant cried. (Just a little bit.) It was an amazing thing to see history in the making. It affected everyone in our economically challenged urban elementary school. Yesterday, as I … Continue reading

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Supervision vs. Observation

I was asked recently about my experience of supervision in my first year. I am thinking back 12 years now. I was not observed formally more than three times my first year. I was observed informally numerous times. This year … Continue reading

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Gerald Bracey Buries The LDH Hatchet

Gerald Bracey wrote an excellent post on the Huffington Post about what the heck happened with the Secretary of Ed nomination. He describes how the “frame game” was played and the people who have the most expereince with actual kids … Continue reading

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How Many Presidents Does it Take to Turn-On a Light Bulb?

My buddy Bill “The Tempered Radical” Ferriter posted about the above visual on his blog. He had this to say… “Because we’re working on identifying main idea in our reading classes, I asked my students a simple question: “What point … Continue reading

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Education’s 5th Job: Whipping Boy

In the second chapter of Disrupting Class by Clayton Christensen he describes the various reason’s for schooling that have been present through out the history of organized education in America. Christensen describes the 4 jobs schools have been “hired” for:Job … Continue reading

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No Child Left Inside

In the maelstrom of our current economic crisis, a radical new education bill has made it out of the House and is headed to the Senate. The bill titled No Child Left Inside is making tiny little waves in the … Continue reading

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